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Telia and OP Bank Running Payment by Face Tests


  • Finland- OP Bank and mobile carrier Telia joined forces to test a 5G-powered payment by face solution.
  • Goal: test and trial 5G viability for these use cases (a priori, a done deal).
  • Pivo Face Payment was designed by OP Lab Bank, as a solution independent from the banking institution. It requires a Visa or Mastercard card and a device running iOS 11.0 to be operational.
  • How it works?
    • The users download the associated app.
    • They pre-save their card information so a personal code can be generated.
    • At checkout, the device confronts the user’s face with the biometric template paired with their account.
    • Once the user’s face scanned, the amount is automatically debited from their bank account.
  • A Beta pilot phase is currently underway in Helsinki’s Valila, covered by Telia 5G network. An ice-cream truck already lets customers rely on this solution.


  • Enhancing security. The first 5G-based commercial networks are starting to be implemented leading mobile carriers to focus on enhancing their security. According to the study Keysight 2018 State of 5G, the market for financial services ranks third (after the telecom industry) when it comes to 5G enablement needs. Payments by face are among outstanding applications.
  • Streamlining user experience. Besides security-related issues, 5G connection is also meant to improve customer experience. This network makes face payments faster and could contribute to streamlining in-store customer processes.


  • A year ago, this Helsinki bank tested their face payment service with help from their employees. They now rely on a partnership with Telia to fine-tune their solution.
  • The use of 5G connectivity isn’t new in the banking industry. In June 2018, the Spanish institution Santander teamed up with Telefónica to look into the opportunities this technology might entail.