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Revolut Further Aims for Portugal


  • The British challenger bank Revolut plans for their second-largest customer operations centre in Portugal.
  • Goal: meet demand as their customer base grows exponentially.
  • Revolut claims 250,000 customers (vs 100 000 earlier this year), and already hit success in Portugal. They plan a €4 million investment to further boost their local implantation.
  • This new unit will be located in a former sardine canning factory in Porto. They expect to hire nearly 470 people.
  • This implantation should be operational by the end of 2019.


  • Building up their teams. Revolut gets ready to hire more staff members. This new project would increase their number of employees by over one-third. They also plan high-level hiring processes to boost their management teams.
  • Supporting their development. Revolut claims 6 million customers (vs 1.5 million early in 2018). In Portugal, they have been attracting 1,000 new customers each day. Yet, they have to face recurring complaints regarding their customer services and quality of their compliance operations. Their new project help them address these issues.
  • Full focus on international expansion. Revolut actually aims for global expansion. For now, out of 6 million customers, 3.3 million live in the UK… In France, they claim 550,000 customers. They are planning to enter the US market, as well as Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore.


  • A month ago, Revolut announced plans to open a tech hub in Berlin, as well.
  • Likewise HR investments were carried out by other challenger banks, such as N26 and Monzo, earlier this year.
  • They are opting for Portugal for their new CRM unit, highlighting how attractive this market is for start-ups. In addition to enhanced quality of life, the significant number of qualified profiles, and supposedly affordable labour costs contributed to making it successful.