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A School Insurance Also Covering Cyber-Harassment


  • As the new school year starts, Banque Casino launches an insurance offer for school children, and adds cyberbullying to their set of covered issues.
  • This school and extracurricular insurance offer includes different guarantees:
    • Civil liability,
    • Guarantees in the event an accident occurs,
    • Health insurance,
    • Legal cover,
    • Schooling support,
    • Coverage in case of cyber-harassment (with legal advice, psychological support and connection with e-reputation specialists).
  • Cost: €9.90 per year and per child + €5 when adding the extracurricular insurance.
  • A simple, more transparent, full-digital subscription process applies (no automatic renewal, no restrictive fees or conditions).


Banque Casino updated their school insurance offer based on surveyed customers’ expectations:

  • Lower costs
  • Guarantees covering healthcare costs
  • Instantly issued certificates
  • Simpler subscription process


  • Meeting customers’ needs directly. Banque Casino stresses that this offer was built in response to customers’ expectations: a survey was conducted when their strategy was being reconsidered. Protecting their children against these risks stood out as a priority for 26% of those surveyed.
  • Addressing a growing risk. According to a poll by IFOP, more than 25% of young people already fell prey to cyberbullying.


  • The increasing risk of cyber-harassment also led the health mutual MAE to make adjustments to their offers for this back-to-school season.
  • Banque Casino is the first group in France packing in dedicated legal and psychological support assisting cyber-bullied kids. MAE added support with help from .