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  • Innovation
  • Distribution Channel – Internet
  • Spain

BBVA’s e-Relation Process for Enrolling Corporate Customers


  • BBVA’s BtoB prospective customers will be able to open an account from their computer.
  • The Spanish institution unveils a full-digital onboarding channel for business customers. The account opening process only requires 10 minutes.
  • By way of making it easier to identify these new customers, BBVA asks for an administrator’s digital certificate issued by Spain’s National Mint and Stamp Factory.
  • The process also involves digital signing software.
  • In order to drive potential customers to this new , BBVA applies attractive terms to their digital account opening procedure. They will not charge fees on account holding, card payments, euro-denominated check issuance, or transfers in euros.


  • Full-digital account opening process for individual customers since 2016
  • More than 30% of new customers onboard through this channel
  • More than 90% of BBVA corporate customers already rely on digital channels to carry out banking operations


  • Spreading the digital transformation. After having focused on the BtoC segment, the processes of which have already moved on to a full-digital approach, BBVA starts applying the digital transformation to banking services for BtoB customers. They now feature a full-digital onboarding procedure for prospective corporate customers.
  • Highlighting an industry first. BBVA is the first bank in Spain proposing a full-digital enrolment procedure for business customers.
  • Completing their strategy. BBVA reminds that this new subscription channel for businesses sees the day a year after they decided to apply their digital transformation to this segment.


  • BBVA stands out as a reference through their focus on digital transformation in the banking sector. They pioneered in this field and hit success as early as in 2017.
  • They mostly focused on individual customers until they scaled up their ambitions in August this year.
  • As their online strategy now aims for corporates, BBVA again gains a competitive edge based on digitising services.
  • This initiative also confirms their intent to harmonise their services on a global level. All products and services they test end up being implemented globally.