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  • Italy

New Car Subscription Offer: Leasys CarCloud by FCA


  • During the Abbonati alla Libertà event held by Crédit Agricole Village in Milan, FCA Bank and their subsidiary Leasys introduced their new car subscription offer.
  • This service called Leasys CarCloud relies on a non-binding subscription that can be renewed each month for more flexibility.
  • Targets: individual customers and self-employed workers.
  • Contract’s main specifics:
    • Two monthly subscription offers
    • Several models available for each
    • Non-binding offer (the contract can be ended at any time)
    • Access to vehicles in all major Italian cities, from 150 Leasys Mobility Store locations, or home delivery (charged extra)
    • Full-digital service access and contract monitoring, via Amazon
    • Set of convenient car-related services (road tax, multi-risk insurance, warranty, maintenance, tyre change, etc.)
  • Customer process: Once provided a subscription code on carcloud.leasys.com, customers are prompted to validate their registration on Amazon. They choose one of the two subscription offers:
    • Leasys CarCloud 500: from €249/month, which includes the 500, 500X, 500L, 500L Wagon, 500L Cross
    • Leasys CarCloud Jeep: from €349/month, which includes the Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass
  • They may shift to the other subscription offer at any time, and change vehicle (choosing any of the models available from one subscription type).


  • Making adjustments to gain momentum in the “subscription economy”. FCA Bank and Leasys are making adjustments in line with the trend of “disownership”.
  • Addressing occasional needs. Besides consumption-related expectations, the subscription model also lets car drivers change vehicle (from SUV to convertible) based on needs.


  • According to FCA Bank and Leasys, more than 5.2 million Italian people are relying on shared mobility services.
  • This financial arm and their leasing subsidiary Leasys already tried to win shares of this new market. In addition to Leasys CarCloud, they already feature a P2P leasing service and a flexible, mileage-based offer.
  • They also teamed up with Amazon on testing a short-term leasing service accessible via the e-commerce platform since June 2019.