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Yrcam Streamlines Bill Payments for SMEs


  • The Toulouse-based operational and cash-flow management specialist Yrcam introduces a software product for dematerialising SMEs’ invoices.
  • Goal: Optimise their clients’ cash-management processes and lower invoicing costs.
  • The new service, called Yrcash, embeds the secure e-payment solution PayZen by Lyra Network.
  • The idea is to help corporate users prompt their customers to pay online via card, SEPA direct debit or credit transfer, so as to shorten payment terms.
  • Business Model: Yrcam relies on a subscription-based model, charging from €250/month for 100 invoices, to €1,500/month for 1,000 invoices.
  • Their software includes a dashboard providing access to various features. Companies may track their customers’ receivables, send and track invoices based on a customised, customer-specific monitoring tool, set lists of priorities when dealing with follow-up actions.
  • How it works
    • This solution automates invoices’ transfer on Chorus Pro website and edits the file in the corresponding, relevant format.
    • It implements a dashboard for monitoring invoices.
    • And it handles secure and mandatory archiving procedure of the invoice.

Yrcam: Key Figures

  • 200,000 client accounts
  • 5M invoices managed
  • €3Bn in transactions
  • 100% budget growth for R&D in 2018.


  • New growth relay. Through this initiative, Yrcam aims at diversifying their activity and enter the FinTech industry. This service provider now stands out as a software vendor, too.
  • Expanding their customer base. Yrcam used to target intermediate-sized enterprises and subsidiaries of large-scale groups, but they are obviously trying to reach out for more customers. They may now address a broader market –based on their software– and include SMEs, as well.
  • A new company. In addition to their new offer, Yrcash will implement subsidiaries to market their product and work on other technological developments. This new company aims at achieving €1 million in revenue by 2021.


  • Other players provide corporate customers –especially SMEs– with the ability to improve invoicing procedures. Clearnox, for instance, has been selected by 100,000 companies in France and manages over €500 million in invoices on behalf of their customers.