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WorldPay: 1st Acquirer to Feature Amazon Pay


  • The US e-commerce giant partners with the British acquirer WorldPay, enabling merchants to add Amazon Pay to their checkout options.
  • Goals: Rely on Worldpay’s network to boost Amazon Pay use rates.
  • How it works. WorldPay designed a customised API for integrating Amazon Pay to their platform. With this API, their customers may use the shipping addresses and card data they stored beforehand (to their Amazon wallet). They do not need to share this information with WorldPay or with merchants.
  • Benefits for customers?
    • An additional payment option
    • An optimised customer process
    • Time saving (no form to fill out and one-click access to Amazon)


  • Securing customer loyalty. This new payment option should enable WorldPay merchants to expand their business through featuring a reliable customer process e-purchasers are already familiar with. It might them help secure their partner merchants’ loyalty.
  • Boosting value proposition. Amazon is provided with more opportunities to enhance their value proposition and address merchants’ expectations, beyond their existing competitive edge. They may, indeed, feature new services, including voice ordering options (Alexa) or seamless checkout (Just walk out). These are fields Amazon Pay client brands are already looking into (ex.: But and Kiabi).

WorldPay: Key figures

  • 40Bn transactions processed each year
  • $1,700Bn annual volume
  • 300+ payment options & 120+ currencies


  • A couple of days ago, the US Fintech Fidelity National Information Services bought out WorldPay for $35 billion.
  • Also, it isn’t the first time Amazon relies on a payment industry specialist to boost their wallet’s image. In October 2018, a partnership with Zuora was announced, enabling their merchants’ customers to pay for online subscriptions with Amazon Pay. Yet, WorldPay remains the first acquirer to propose Amazon Pay.