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  • Payment
  • United States

Instagram Launches a Native Payment Solution


  • The US social media Instagram is rolling out a native feature enabling its users to make in-app purchases. Tests have been underway since with a limited number of users.
  • Goals: Monetise their audience, improve conversion rates and, over time, challenge e-commerce giants.
  • The solution called Shopping Checkout lets Instagram users pay for articles without having to leave the app. Integrated means of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards and PayPal.
  • How it works
    • If the option is available for an item, the user can click the Checkout on Instagram button
    • He specifies his preferred options (colour, size, etc.)
    • Instagram stores his payment and shipping information, they only need to be provided once: a one-click payment process then applies
    • Shipping notifications are directly sent via Instagram so the customer may track his purchase
  • For now, this option is available in the US and with roughly 20 well-established brands including Nike, Dior, Zara, Prada or Burberry. If successful, it will be rolled out in other countries. A similar feature may also launch for Facebook.


  • Improve customer processes. Currently, 22 clicks are required on average when making purchases from this social app: from opening the product’s information page to confirming the purchase. This new service should enable Instagram to speed up customer processes and increase conversion rates.
  • New revenue source. Instagram claims they want to boost sales for partner brands. Besides securing customer loyalty, Shopping Checkout can also be viewed as a new revenue source for this social media as they may charge fees on each purchase conducted in-app.  


  • In March 2018, a feature allowing brands to identify products in Instagram pictures landed in France. They could now enable one billion Instagram users to buy goods directly from the app.
  • This social media challenges WeChat, which added a shopping feature for their users to their social app several years ago. Just like the Chinese leader, Instagram is hoping to stand out as a major e-commerce player.
  • Shopping Checkout can also be viewed as a response to ’s social commerce solution (launched in partnership with Amazon) or to Pinterest's service (Shopping with Pinterest).