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  • Insurance
  • Innovation
  • United States

Videos Assisting Damage Claim Procedures


  • American Modern Insurance Group (Amig) unveils a mobile solution for damage claims making room for a video-based assistance process.
  • Customer process:
    • Amig customers are invited to download the MyClaim app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • From the app, they may contact Amig insurance experts
    • While calling these experts, the MyClaim app streams videos and snaps screenshots of the damage or loss
    • Off-line videos and photos can also be stored to be sent later on
  • Targets: Amig’s new service is meant for all their customers, regardless of their insurance lines, personal or commercial.
  • Their video assistance service has been designed in partnership with the American start-up Livegenic, which focuses on visual communication technologies.


  • Making it easier for customers to file insurance claims. Amig relies on MyClaim so their customers can easily and more quickly send photographic or video evidence.
  • Speeding up claim processes. Sending visual evidence might contributes to cutting down processing times to just one week.
  • Avoiding the need for traditional onsite inspection. MyClaim avoids that insurance experts should have to perform onsite inspection, and/or comes in addition to these conventional inspections.


  • Videos and mobile media are increasingly popular when it comes to dealing with damage claims. Several other groups and insurance companies have introduced similar offers (e.g.: Amaguiz and Coyote, Snapsheet, etc.).
  • AI technologies are also starting to prevail in optimising insurance claims, as highlighted by Ant Financial, Flyreel or Generali.