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  • FinTech
  • Netherlands

bunq Strengthening Links with Developers


  • The Dutch neo-bank bunq was founded in 2012, and recently landed in France. They just opened a marketplace for app developers having integrated their API.
  • Six apps already went live on this marketplace (Gekko, Minox, Bizcuit, Spend Cloud, bunqDesktop and Moneybird). Most of these services are meant to help SMEs and freelancers manage their accounts and accounting tasks. They shared a similar interest in integrating bunq’s API.

  • Through bunq’s proprietary app, customers may install any of these app in just one click and start using it while enjoying additional features based on their associated bunq account.


  • Valuing a “developer-friendly” approach. Just like many other challenger banks, bunq built a strong technological value proposition. They were founded by a developer, and claim they designed one of the most comprehensive APIs in Europe.
  • This API has now been made available to developers, enabling them access to data banks don’t usually share, especially when considering PSD2-related requirements.
  • bunq bets on a similar strategy with their new marketplace for third-party apps. This launch is reminiscent of today’s emerging Open Banking-stemmed processes, providing customers with gateways between financial services they typically rely on.


  • bunq opened their API to developers as early as in February 2017. This competitive edge lets them feature a wide-ranging API (200 endpoints), trailed and tested by their users.
  • Among covered features, and beyond PSD2-expected options: card ordering, activation and replacement, payment account creation and cancellation, PIN updates, etc.