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Toyota Improves Driver’s Experience with John Paul


  • Toyota Financial Services just extended their partnership with John Paul: a CRM and customer loyalty specialist famous for their concierge service.
  • Together, they build a platform featuring customised services for car drivers who subscribed TFS financing offers. John Paul will be crafting a digital portal (mobile app and website) streamlining accesses to mobility-oriented apps and services.
  • Eligible car drivers must have subscribed Toyota’s Start Confort offer: a lease purchase contract which also includes maintenance.
  • First partnerships announced:
    • TankYou: home delivery service for fuel
    • Pop Valet: valet for car maintenance
    • Ector: valet or train stations and airports
    • LeCab: ridesharing
    • AccorHotels
  • This offer will be enhanced over time, based on partnerships signed between Toyota, John Paul and mobility-focused brands, essentially.
  • Scheduled launch: summer 2019.


  • Going upmarket. This partnership is first meant to improve customer experience for Toyota drivers, through relying on John Paul’s expertise in crafting upmarket concierge services for the financial industry.
  • Integrating rather than creating. With John Paul, Toyota is able to add multiple mobility-oriented services to their set of offers, without having to build any of these from scratch. Toyota’s CRM arm brings additional value to financing packages through also embedding enabling services.


  • This launch also addresses another issue for car manufacturers: turning their vehicles into all-inclusive platforms for services.
  • In the residential mortgage sector, and with a relatively similar goal in mind, the real estate broker MonEmprunt introduced a concierge service to assist future buyers.
  • As for the car industry, concierge service long remained the prerogative of premium brands, but this came to change. This service gained ground to also encompass car maintenance (CarDash), fleet management (Allianz France), and for now on mobility-related services as a whole.