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Tink and Adyen join forces for Open Banking payments

The Dutch payment platform Adyen has just announced its association with the Swedish open-banking start-up Tink. The aim of this partnership between two European specialists in the financial technology sector is to create a new pay-by-banking solution that combines payment with open banking.


  • Tink will now power Adyen's new pay-by-bank payment solution. The latter will allow Adyen's corporate customers to offer instant bank payments to their own customers.

  • On the consumer side, payment can be made directly from their banking environment in a simplified and seamless manner.

  • The service is offered as a white label by Tink, leaving Adyen in front of its customers. The implementation of Pay-by-Bank is simplified and can be done in a few clicks thanks to Adyen's unified platform.

  • Adyen was already using Tink's Account Check technology, which allows Adyen customers to instantly verify account ownership to streamline payments.

  •  Initially launched in the UK, the pay-by-bank solution is due to be extended to several markets during 2023.


  • Advancing Open Banking in Europe: This new partnership signed between Tink and Adyen is presented as a lever to accelerate the deployment of open banking payments in Europe and participate in the ongoing revolution of bank-to-bank payments (A2A).

  • Improving its offer: The strengths of this new payment offer are clearly stated, the pay-by-bank solution is presented as more secure, fast and convenient than traditional payment solutions. This partnership will allow Adyen to launch a variable recurring payment (VRP) service that several fintechs such as Gocardless or Payit launched earlier this year.


  • Bought by Visa in 2021, Tink has established itself on the international scene as a reference in open-banking and as a player capable of driving this revolution in financial services. Lemonway and SlimPay have also since opted for partnerships with Tink to develop new open payment services.

  • It is moreover this reference status that has convinced Adyen today to ensure the launch, with Tink, of their new pay-by-bank service.