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  • Netherlands

The Netherlands launches Translink's OVpay, a contactless payment solution for public transport nationwide

The Netherlands recently announced the nationwide rollout of its contactless public payment system, simplifying access and enabling travelers to pay for transport directly in it, using debit cards, credit cards or digital wallets.


  • All of the country's public transport systems (trains, buses, metros and streetcars) now accept OVpay :

    • an open-loop system featuring improved infrastructure

    • and software that guarantees easy travel across the country and secure payments.

  • Mastercard has played a key role in the launch of OVpay, partnering with transport companies and Translink to help local banks implement the rules for processing mobile transactions.

  • Mastercard is also ensuring that the necessary software and component updates are installed for the solution to function properly. 

  • Users can not only pay with debit and credit cards, but also with smartphones and smartwatches. 

  • With OVpay, tickets or public transport passes are no longer necessary, except for those with a season ticket.


  • Improving the customer experience for transport users: simplified payment methods improve navigation for public transport users, including millions of residents in addition to tourists in the Netherlands, notably by helping to reduce congestion or the purchase of tickets. 

  • Eliminates the need to buy a separate ticket, or to miss a train because the balance on the public transport card is empty, or they haven't had time to buy their ticket. What's more, payment acts as a ticket, helping to reduce environmental impact. 


  • Open-loop payment solutions are already accepted in metropolitan areas around the world, including London, New York, Sydney and Milan, but have never been deployed on a national scale before.

  • A similar initiative has also been launched in Lyon, France. One year after the introduction of contactless payment by bank card in Lyon's public transport system, the number of unit validations exceeds the number of card tickets issued.