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SumUp launches Kiosk, a kiosk connected to a POS terminal

SumUp has launched its new "Kiosk" solution, which aims to improve the speed of order processing for merchants. It aims to support small restaurants and stadiums, saving them time and money.


  • The "Kiosk" solution allows customers to order, pay and collect their orders via self-service kiosks, the package starts at £49.

  • The kiosk solution is fully customizable and with built-in options for different payment and sales points, while offering the possibility of remote management of the solution.

  • This solution also offers various features such as:

    • checking inventory in real time and removing products from sale as soon as they are sold out,

    • updating multiple kiosks at once,

    • using the power of artificial intelligence to up-sell and increase the average basket,

    • connect to kitchen screens to transmit the order directly.

  • Customers range from small, high-turnover restaurants to stadiums hosting major music and sporting events:

    • Several stadiums and venues have already implemented the solution across the UK, including Leicester City Football Club, Cardiff City Football Club and Leicester Tigers RFC.


  • Simplify and accelerate consumer payments: customers receive their orders faster, more easily and securely, while merchants can focus more on other business operations, such as assigning ex-cashiers to order picking.

  • Adapt to new user needs, including contactless payment: Since many customers prefer contactless ordering processes where interaction is minimal but quick, SumUp's goal was to enable businesses to meet consumer needs.

  • Increase average basket and sales volumes: a self-service ordering kiosk typically increases the size of the basket, giving the customer the ability to choose how they want to place their order. According to SumUp, self-service ordering kiosks typically increase basket size by up to 30%.


  • After the pandemic, consumer habits have changed. Touchless ordering and service are now preferred, and according to a study by Revenue Management Consultants LLC, results show that Gen Y and Gen Z prefer touchless ordering with minimal but quick and frictionless interaction. 

  • According to a Business Insider report, McDonald's saw a 5-6% increase in sales just one year after deploying these devices to provide customers with a better digital experience. The global self-service ordering kiosk market is expected to reach $45.7 billion by 2026, according to the same study.

  • While the SumUp "Kiosk" is the latest addition to the company's growing product ecosystem. The breadth of its lineup includes: 

  • SumUp One multi-product subscription offering,

    • an entry-level POS Lite for small businesses and enterprises,

    • the Magic Pay payment solution that allows customers to split their bills and pay by scanning a QR code at the table individually, 

    • The POS Pro, which was created for simultaneous order processing.

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