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In short: Microsoft will soon launch its crypto wallet natively integrated in Edge

The feature is still being rolled out, but it should offer Edge users a cryptographic wallet natively integrated into the browser. A project not to be confused with Microsoft's Edge Wallet project, a mobile wallet for Android and iOS.

This feature aims to democratize the adoption of crypto-currencies for the widest possible audience and remove the barriers of technical complexity.

This wallet is natively integrated into Edge outside of any browser plugin and would allow transactions on the Ethereum blockchain such as buying and selling crypto-currencies and NFTs.

It would also allow access to decentralized applications (dapps) and crypto-currency exchanges.

This functionality is still in preliminary testing. But if it were to see the light of day very soon.

Edge wouldn't be the first browser to launch a crypto wallet. In early 2022, Opera released a dedicated web3 version called Crypto Browser, which initially integrates a crypto wallet. Online users can also choose extensions to use other wallets like Metamask.