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  • Spain

Shared Mobility: Metlife Insurance Added to Fintonic’s Marketplace


  • Fintonic –aggregation platform for financial services focusing on credit scoring and consumer lending offers– unveils the first insurance offer for shared mobility in Spain, in partnership with Metlife.
  • Covered vehicles: cars, bikes, scooters and other electric scooters.
  • This insurance offer is distributed via Fintonic’s platform.
  • A digital subscription process applies, via Fintonic app. The user is charged €5/month.
  • Coverage:
    • Accidents
    • Hospitalisations
    • Medical or surgical treatments

Mobility & Spanish Customers

Source: Fintonic, 2019

  • +45% contracts for next-generation mobility service providers
  • +20% users
  • Preferred means of transportation:
    • Cars (48%)
    • Motorbikes (42%)
    • Bikes (7%)
    • Scooters (3 %)
  • Roughly, 9 services subscribed. Average cost per ride: €5.90
  • Among shared services, scooters are used twice as often
  • +76% shared motorbikes rented
  • +27% car-sharing
  • +11% shared bikes rented


  • Betting on Light Electric Vehicles’ take-off. Fintonic and Metlife are relying on a well-established trend. In Spain, and in France, too, additional insurance offers are needed when riding these next-generation vehicles.
  • Consolidating their presence on the insurance market. Fintonic already expanded their set of offers. They let their 700,000 users aggregate their insurance contracts (for a clearer overview), and be informed of more affordable alternatives.


  • Light Electric Vehicles are all the more criticised (e.g.: electric scooters in Paris) that this sector is booming. More offers see the day: for instance, an e-scooter service launched by former Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.
  • Insurance companies and bancassurers soon reacted to this market evolution (see recent announcement by LCL).
  • The offer by Fintonic and Metlife, however, relies on a different marketing model. As they use Fintonic’s aggregation platform, Metlife are provided access to a new distribution channel and can test an Open Banking-based business model.
  • After several banks started featuring financial services on this marketplace (e.g.: BBVA), insurance offers are now covered, as well.