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  • Mobility
  • Finland

Santander Consumer Finance Adds a Car Subscription Offer


  • The Finland-based subsidiary of Santander Consumer Finance –main lender in the Finnish car industry– launches a service called SHFT.
  • This non-binding car subscription offer is currently tested ahead of formal launch scheduled in 2020.
  • Terms:
    • Monthly subscription including insurance, car maintenance, tyre change and other costs entailed by owning a vehicle (except for fuel and car parking).
    • Freedom to end their contract as of the first month, after a 14-day advanced notification.
    • Freedom to swap car each month (no number limitation).
    • Max. leasing term for same car: 36 months.
    • Logistics handled by multi-brand car dealership Vaihto+, subsidiary of Veho.
  • Cost: monthly costs depend on the assessed value of the car, from €399 to €699/month.


  • Addressing specific needs. Santander Consumer Finance aims aim customers who might think of no longer riding cars, but still might need them occasionally (ski trips and other journeys, for instance).
  • This financial group also aims at providing more flexible and hassle-free mobility services, an intent they can’t achieve with their conventional committed financing offers. Hence their testing a fully flexible, non-binding option which is also a means to attract customers they couldn’t address with their existing offers.


  • Successful tests have already been run in Norway in the end of 2018 and an official launch was announced in spring 2019.
  • Registrations are open for the Finnish test phase. Users can volunteer and 30 people will be selected. Of course, applicants –ages 20 to 65– must show a valid driver’s licence.