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  • Mobility
  • Distribution Channel – Internet
  • United Kingdom

REX: Dacia Sells Cars Online


  • In the end of 2018, the British market welcomed a new service for selling new Dacia cars online.
  • The website called Dacia Buy Online relies on a full-digital customer process and car financing options from RCI Bank to address the entire purchasing experience.
  • Customer process:
    • Potential customers are invited to buy a Dacia car and apply for a loan online.
    • They specify their monthly budget, and they are provided a list of models likely to fit their needs.
    • They may customise their car and associated services (guarantees, maintenance, etc.).
    • The last step includes the actual payment process and making an appointment for their car to be delivered.
  • Three financing options are featured: “cash” payment (where the transaction is completed when the car is delivered), lease-purchase and long-term rental, or a conventional car loan.
  • Room has been made for car dealerships in this environment: the website promises fast shipping, the cars must then to be available from these car dealers, and not too far from the buyer (also, the website has to be updated in real time to make sure the offer matches their stocks).
  • A test phase is underway; Renault and RCI Bank & Services already reported encouraging results.


  • 100 satisfied customers
  • Conversion rates increased twofold vs other online platforms for selling cars
  • 2 weeks for the car to be delivered


  • Streamlining purchasing processes. Dacia Buy Online simplifies and streamlines the purchasing process. Its users are self-reliant while being provided valuable guidance. They meet their promise since the Dacia range only includes a limited number of vehicles and options.
  • Placing car dealers back in the digital process. Far from cannibalising their car dealers’ sales, Dacia Buy Online is described as an additional relay for this network, enabling them to address new targets (typically, people not used to visit car dealerships).
  • Boosting car dealers’ frequentation rates. Besides selling specific vehicles in stock, car dealerships also play a part in dealing with maintenance and after-sales services when cars are sold via Dacia Buy Online. This website features more services than just selling cars.


  • Considering this successful initial test phase, Renault plans a larger-scale advertising campaign to increase their offers’ visibility.
  • After the UK, Dacia Buy Online could land on other markets and make room for more car models.