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RCI Bank Welcomes New Customers in Video

Banco RCI Brasil relies on customised video content to welcome their customers: a way for this group to help them become familiar with the terms of their contracts. Rather “fun” videos have an educational part to play.

This customised “Welcome Video” content has been included in Banco RCI Brasil’s process for managing new customers. They are sent to them the day after they sign their new contract.

The two-minute videos are intended to sum up their contract’s specifics (date and amount of their monthly payment, type of credit, list of insurance services they subscribed). The same video is used as instructional material to present how to register to their online customer portal.

This service has been available since December 2017, and Banco RCI Brasil already sent 3,000 videos, seen 1.7 times on average. Fewer calls to their customer service have been recorded, and more customers registered for their online portal.

Comments – A “fun” marketing approach in the best interest of end customers?

Two minutes would be enough to describe a contract, the paper version of which is often put away once signed. And Banco RCI Brasil’s videos meet a two-fold objective, part of which was impossible to attain until then. They reduce the amount of time typically required to manage customer questions, making contractual terms more “fun” and easier to understand.

Banco RCI Brasil relies on a video format to address their customers’ needs, while featuring their customisation efforts. This may be considered reassuring by their new customers and have a positive impact on their later interactions.

Meeting new expectations

New media, fewer readers, increasing amount of video content online… are as many reasons why videos have become the best suited means of communication in now digital era. Banco RCI Brasil makes a relevant use of this media to seamlessly teach its way in customers’ lives, improve trust levels and customer satisfaction rates.