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Paynt presents its vision of Acquiring-as-a-Service

FinTech Paynt has announced the launch of its Acquiring-As-A-Servive (AAAS) platform. It supports an omnichannel payment acceptance model and an automation solution allowing merchants to simplify the operational process of accepting payments. A solution that is particularly relevant in today's crowded marketplace.



  • Paynt presents itself as a global payment service provider. Its AaaS service is an acquiring platform that automates payment services via an API and integrates them with merchants.

  • Merchants can thus benefit from a combined solution combining payments, sales performance monitoring and loyalty services offered by various providers (PSP). For merchants, this translates into the provision of :

    • Comprehensive real-time reports to track sales and revenue trends,

    • a tool for viewing detailed chargeback data,

    • transaction and billing details,

    • an anti-fraud and risk analysis module.

  • Paynt is specifically targeted at :

    • Resellers,

    • Independent Sales Organisations (merchant service providers that allow merchants to accept card payments on behalf of one or more acquiring banks)

    • Payment Service Providers (PSPs),

    • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs, but also SaaS).

  • Paynt offers its services in Europe, the UK and the US.


  • Full visibility: Paynt's main promise is to give merchants more visibility and clarity on the payment process and related services (loyalty and performance management). Paynt positions itself as a partner for the optimisation of the merchants' business.

  • Optimising its approach: Paynt evolved from Paydoo, a more traditional payment acquirer and service provider. The FinTech says it has retained its functions as a payment acquirer, while having developed a modular platform capable of streamlining key back-office functions. This design allows it to offer end-to-end acquiring and management support to merchants.

  • Enhancing its positioning: Paynt is trying to position itself above the fray with a comprehensive service. The FinTech is also trying to capitalise on the introduction of its flagship AaaS product to promote its status as a global provider of integrated payment infrastructure.


  • In the context of the current proliferation of innovation around payment, the question of the widespread adoption of certain solutions and the difficulty of harmonising the market remains central.

  • With its solution, Paynt therefore takes the problem from another angle by proposing a palliative model, a means of connecting to a centralised ecosystem. Paynt remains original on the market but is nevertheless close to the very similar concept of another European FinTech, Norbr.