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  • Payment
  • Distribution Channel – Mobile
  • France

Pay As You Play, with eGull Pay

Pay How You Play… eGull introduces eGull Pay, an affinity-based mobile payment app for golfers, adjusting their payment to the time they actually spend playing. Another example of how pay-per-use models can reach out and impact for additional niche markets.

eGull Pay was presented in April 2017. This app lets players pay based on the amount of time they spend on the golf course. More precisely, they pay for the number of holes they play: they are located via GPS the entire time.

Once at the golf club, the customer starts the app. eGull’s mapping process of all the golf courses worldwide makes it possible to precisely locate the player. When his game ends, the amount he owes is displayed; the validation process happens in-app. His card information has been specified beforehand.

This payment service relies on Stripe’s platform. eGull charges a 20% fee, paid by the golf club.

Comments – Mobile uses for niche markets, too!

eGull Pay might help golf clubs increase their frequentation levels as they are still considered as upmarket environments. The app makes it possible for them to target younger players, for a cheaper average amount. Prior to launching, eGull worked on establishing detailed maps of all golf courses. They also designed movement analysis algorithms to prevent that players should “cheat”, and avoid errors in per-use calculations.

This start-up is planning rollouts on other markets, including the UK and US, where there are way more gold courses.

eGull went for a mobile-based affinity approach on a niche market. Their app is another way to stress evolutions in uses, and payment methods.