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Micro-Loans: Finfrog Addresses Catering Industry Freelancers


  • This partnership would enable 5,000 freelancers on Brigad’s platform to apply for micro-lending offers from their mobile phone and afford day-to-day expenditures.
  • Characteristics of the loans:
    • Amounts: from €200 to €600
    • Repayment terms: 1 to 3 months
    • Rates: 1 to 3%
    • Application: full-mobile in 5 minutes
    • Decision-making: less than 24 hours
    • Amount transferred within 48 hours
  • The applicant doesn’t have to provide supporting documents. For the scoring process, Finfrog requires a piece of ID and the borrower’s e-banking credentials. They also run a card-based pre-authorisation step to verify the customer’s creditworthiness. MangoPay has been entrusted with this process.


  • Finfrog aiming to spread their offer. So far, Finfrog has been running a pilot phase and addressing a limited number of borrowers. Their business model, however, bets on their ability to increase their number of approved loans. Expanding the scope for these tests makes sense for them as the customer segments they opted for fully suit their offer.
  • Value addition for Brigad’s users. Many Brigaders are students or self-employed workers, sometimes facing precarious financial situations and with poor access to typical loans. Finfrog’s offer might provide them with the financial flexibility they need to carry out their professional duties.


  • Finfrog was founded in 2016. Their targets: 25% of the French population facing overdrafts on a monthly basis (source: Panorabanques survey). Their service is intended as an alternative to bank overdrafts and instalments since these customers aren’t always allowed to rely on these services.
  • By way of streamlining customer processes, Finfrog soon teamed up with Budget Insight. This aggregation service lets them access customers’ accounts to download and analyse their previous 3 banking statements for the scoring process.
  • A similar agreement has recently been announced by Younited Credit and Linxo, avoiding that their borrowers should have to provide paper-based supporting documents, and speeding up the scoring phases.