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  • Payment
  • United Kingdom

Mastercard Launches Request to Pay


  • The US card giant just added another credit transfer-based product by Vocalink to their range of offers.
  • Goal: provide more options and enhance flexibility for bill payments between companies and individual customers.
  • Request to Pay relies on Mastercard’s expertise and Vocalink’s technology.
  • This secure messaging service lets bill issuers and consumers communicate before making payments. Users may, for instance, say they would rather pay in instalments or ask for extra time to make a payment.
  • The biller sends a payment request to the payer who may choose to pay by card or via credit transfer in real time. Transfers only require 10 seconds to process.
  • Partners: Mastercard teamed up with Exela Technologies to market this service. This company focuses on automating business processes and will be the first to feature Request to Pay for their customer in the UK.
  • Request to Pay is scheduled to launch in the UK only in Q1 2020, following accreditation by Pay.UK


  • Innovation: a key strategic focus. The card scheme made several announcements, including acquisitions. After Vocalink, Vyze, Ethoca and Nets, they acquired Paykrom a month ago to further aim for businesses. Their new service materialises opportunities entailed by their buyout of Vocalink, opening more paths for Mastercard to look into other means of payment than just card payments.
  • Securing loyalty. This option may be of interest for billers and consumers alike. Billers enjoy more transparency and certainty as to when and how their bills are to be settled. They also avoid paper format and associated costs. Consumers are given access to an optimised customer process and more flexibility in choosing payment methods and when to pay. This service also sends alerts to billers and payers notifying them of bills to come.


  • In May 2019, Mastercard agreed to acquire Transactis for their billing platform enabling businesses to issue bills and receive payments. They planned to integrate Transactis technologies with Bill Pay Exchange.
  • This announcement coincides with AmEx’s introduction of an Open Banking-based credit transfer solution for UK customers, too.