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FCA Bank Builds a Pre-Scoring Platform


  • In line with a digitalisation process kicked-started in April this year, FCA Bank presents a pre-scoring platform enabling their customers (BtoC and BtoB) to choose car configurations on car manufacturers’ websites, have access to car financing simulations and be sent agreements-in-principle.
  • With this tool, they are informed beforehand of their borrowing capacity; they may opt for and activate the financing solution most relevant to their situation before purchasing a car. A financial calculator is included for assessing monthly instalments in real time as well as repayment terms.
  • Customers may sign their lending agreement digitally via a FCA Bank’s “Digital Onboarding” process. Also, they can track the subscription procedure via their customer portal.
  • A test phase is underway; this platform may be made available by January 2020.


  • Focus on user experience. FCA Bank intends to build a full-digital user experience and help their customers handle car financing services on a daily basis. In this case, they are informed of how much their car will cost before visiting a car dealership.
  • Expansion endeavour. With this service, FCA Bank doesn’t only intend to boost their presence in Italy, but also reach out for other European markets.


  • FCA Bank, banking arm of FCA Group and the car maker Jaguar Land Rover further works on mobility-oriented solutions most suited to car drivers’ needs. They recently gave thought to short-term car rental options with Leasys via Amazon.
  • Besides, this service is reminiscent of CGI Finance’s offer via the app Zéroclic: a tool rolled out at car dealerships for featuring customised financing options.