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Libeo and Docaposte, partners in invoice dematerialization

Business-to-business payment specialist Libeo has just announced its partnership with the digital subsidiary of La Poste Group, Docaposte. Their joint work has focused on the creation of an all-in-one platform certified by the State, dedicated to the dematerialisation of invoices. A model that will comply with the new regulations to come.


  • Libeo has partnered with Docaposte to offer Scala, the most efficient, secure and complete dematerialisation platform on the market.

  • This platform is aimed at companies and accounting firms. It promises to provide them with an all-in-one invoicing tool that combines :

    • issuing dematerialised invoices

    • invoice tracking,

    • receiving electronic invoices,

    • interconnection with accountants' business tools,

    • payment and collection of invoices,

    • payment delegation,

    • cash flow analysis,

    • automated reminders and collections,

    • facilitate VAT declarations thanks to pre-filled declarations,

    • etc.

  • Scala will be based on Docaposte's PDP solution as well as on the technological bricks offered by Libeo. It benefits from an administrative certification to justify its value.


  • Complying with regulations: Since 1 January 2020, all companies dealing with the public sector, regardless of their size, must send their invoices in electronic format. The Finance Law initiated at the time also provides for an extension of this obligation in order to generalise electronic invoicing to all French companies subject to VAT from 2024, with a gradual roll-out planned until 2026 depending on the size of the companies.

  • Economies of scale: According to the government, the introduction of electronic invoicing should generate a simplification gain estimated at 4.5 billion euros for more than 4 million businesses.


  • According to Libeo and Docaposte, the dematerialisation of invoices is an essential step for accountants and their clients, and represents an opportunity to improve exchanges, monitoring and payment processing as well as to reduce the cost of processing invoices in general.

  • A lever in the fight against fraud, this obligation will nevertheless require clear and committed support, which Libeo and Docaposte are now committed to providing via their Scala platform.