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La Banque Postale Expands their Card Offer


  • La Banque Postale, banking subsidiary of La Poste, introduces a new app version. This service will provide their Visa cardholders with an extensive range of new features. Customisation and remote account monitoring are on scheduled.
  • Goals: Improve customers’ card management processes in real time.
  • Among features:
    • One-click opposition service in case of card loss or theft
    • Blocking the payment card temporarily and activating it back again
    • Increasing payments and/or cash withdrawal limits
    • Enabling or disabling e-payment feature and contactless payment option
    • Resetting PIN code on-demand
  • This app project took two years to develop. This fully customisable offer is being made available this Monday 1st of April.

La Banque Postale: Key figures

  • 8M cardholders
  • 3.2M mobile app users
  • 44M monthly connections.


  • Leading the race. La Banque Postale may now take the lead before rival offers. They are, indeed, coming up with additional options including a service letting their customers choose in which geographical areas they may pay with their card. They set eyes on a list of offers usually covered by challenger banks.
  • Attracting Millennials. This banking group is making adjustments, in line with the growing use of mobile media and tries to attract younger tech-savvy generations. This new app could also be a means for them to enhance their overall attractiveness.
  • A strategic shift justifying payment cards' interest and cost. These means of payment could be challenged by other “newer” payment methods (including wallets and credit transfers), all the more so that online banks and FinTechs increasingly bet on free of charge services.
  • This higher level of customisation is reminiscent of their ongoing focus on developing Ma French Bank and of the foundation of eZyness (based on TagPay’s infrastructure): and EMI intended to boost their payment-related projects.


  • This move is in line with the group’s new strategy as they further dive into a “mobile first” approach. In October 2018, they launched a mobile-based aggregation service helping their customers monitor their accounts on-the-go more easily.
  • Some of the above-mentioned features have already been considered by challenger banks (N26, Revolut, etc.) and e-banking players (Boursorama, Fortuneo or Orange Bank), but these new options are one step ahead in the traditional banking sector. So far, no other institution came up with as many customisable services.