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In short: Revolut opens up to one-click payment

Revolut is continuing its foray into the payment services market. After launching a BNPL offer, the neo-bank is further strengthening its support for professionals by dedicating a one-click online payment acceptance solution to them. This completes its recently expanded payment services offering.

Revolut introduces Revolut Pay, its new payment acceptance service for business customers selling online.

Revolut Pay is presented as an acceptance service that promises to make payments as simple as possible. It allows end customers to make payments with just one click.

End customer journey: Revolut customers will be able to validate a Revolut Pay payment after linking a card or authorising a direct debit from their Revolut account. End customers without a Revolut account will be able to pay with one click via Revolut Pay after linking a Mastercard or Visa card. Payments will also be validated via features such as Face ID or fingerprint unlocking.

Revolut's business customers will present Revolut Pay alongside other more traditional payment methods on their e-commerce site (debit or credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or even PayPal...). Revolut Pay can also be integrated on e-commerce sites or on the pages of online shops opened with marketplaces partners (Shopify or Prestashop in particular).

The service is subject to transaction fees that are presented as competitive, with no fixed monthly fees.