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Fintonic Granted a Banking Licence


  • The aggregation platform for financial services Fintonic, FinTech focusing on scoring and consumer lending activities, has just been granted a banking licence.
  • This status will enable them to provide account aggregation and payment initiation services.
  • Their marketplace can feature offers from multiple financial players (including banks). Fintonic lets their customers manage their finances, as a Personal Finance Manager, as well as subscribe products without being directed away from their platform.
  • This licence will help them further expand their range of offers.


  • 800,000 users
  • Goal: 1M by end-2019
  • 24 financial partners


  • Opening their platform’s functionalities. With this banking licence, Fintonic becomes an approved PISP and AISP. Their customers may then carry out credit transfers between different accounts via payment initiation.
  • Stressing their part as an aggregation platform. Fintonic stands out as an actual interface between banks and customers as they will no longer have to leave their platform to manage their finances. This considered, their model can be compared to French aggregation service providers’ models, such as Linxo and Bankin’: they were granted these approvals so their customers could manage their finances without being directed away from their platforms.
  • Fintonic is the first FinTech is Spain to be granted a banking licence.


  • Fintonic recently secured €19 million, which lifted their valuation to €160 million.