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  • United States

Real-Time Payment: Mastercard Leads the Way


  • The US card scheme unveils Payment on Delivery, a real-time payment solution for business customers.
  • Goal: streamline and speed up payment processes between suppliers and buyers.
  • Payment on Delivery enables businesses to pay their suppliers in real time upon receiving the goods or services they ordered.
  • This service has been designed in partnership with PNC Bank which leverages the RTP network from The Clearing House for real-time payments clearing and settlement capabilities.
  • Suppliers will be provided instant access to funds and transaction-related information. The supplier’s bank may directly send a payment request to the company. This company may then pay immediately via instant credit transfer.
  • Payment on Delivery will be added to Mastercard Track, a BtoB platform for setting links between buyers, suppliers and networks, banks and solution providers.
  • First use-case: The first use-case will centre on alcohol distribution. Mastercard will be working with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider Rutherford & Associates to facilitate payments in the wine and spirits distribution industry
  • Mastercard plans to team up with ERP providers and financial institutions to roll out this solution in the US.


  • A solution for specific use cases. Through this new offer, the card scheme first aims for industries based on complex distribution networks. They would intend to address several issues, including time-consuming paperwork and manual procedures. They will be relying on technological value additions and help businesses benefit from instant credit transfer services.
  • Securing customer loyalty. This service comes with several advantages for suppliers and their customers. In addition to simplifying and speeding up payment processes, their offer would increase efficiency, security and verification processes in BtoB exchanges.


  • A month ago, Mastercard launched a credit transfer-based product designed by Vocalink, providing their customers with more options and flexibility when settling individual people and organisations settle bills.
  • Another US giant bets on The Clearing House platform to feature an instant payment option. In March, PayPal unveiled an option enabling users to instantly transfer money to bank accounts via a partnership with JPMorgan Chase for access to the real-time payment network.