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Feedback: Pennylane grows strongly with its all-in-one platform

It was a record year for Pennylane, as the number of active clients on the all-in-one management and accounting platform shared with VSEs and their accountancy firms increased by 1200%. A brilliant growth, which is mainly due to the cooperation with partner accounting firms.


  • Pennylane is a global SaaS financial management platform available on all web browsers and has a mobile application (Android and iOS).

  • Pennylane allows you to manage all your accounting by centralising all your cash flows thanks to an integration with banks, payroll software, expense reports, cash register software or e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. It allows you to centralise quotes, invoices, invoice tracking, cash receipts, purchase receipts and cash flow

  • Pennylane is aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, VSEs, SMEs and their accountants. It has just passed the mark of 40,000 companies equipped and active on its platforms. It began 2022 with 3411 companies. It has multiplied the number of clients by 12 (an increase of 1200%).

  • 5205 accountants from about 1000 firms have an active user account with Pennylane:

    • That's just under 10% of all accountancy firms.  

    • And six times more than at the beginning of the year.

  • Pennylane is a platform used in all regions, not only in Paris or in some big cities:

    • 20% of companies using Pennylane connect every day

    • and 50% at least once a week.


  • Continuing to win over accountants as a real growth driver: accountants are increasingly adopting Pennylane in their practices, seeing an increase in productivity gains, client and employee satisfaction. Accountants are like family doctors to entrepreneurs and no one is better placed to help small and medium-sized French businesses digitise their management and accounting.

  • A real market potential: Pennylane provides its solution to only 1.5% of French companies. With the market moving more and more towards the digitalisation of business tools. Pennylane still has a real growth potential that the company intends to pursue in 2023.

  • Cross-selling to its "pro account" to offer a 360° vision in real time: Pennylane plans to rely on its network of accountants to highlight the productivity gains of its all-in-one solution. The integration of its "pro account" allowing a 360° view of a company's cash flow. Pennylane manages both the issuing and receiving of payments, which allows it to provide a real-time overview of the company's cash flow and adjust cost policies in real time as well.


  • Pennylane, which started operations in 2020, has received €84 million from Partech, Global Founders Capital and Sequoia funds (of which €50 million in March 2022). Since its creation, it has raised funds every six months. In addition, one of the most influential American tech funds in Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital (Google, Apple, Cisco, Square, Zoom, Airbnb, etc.), has already invested around 15 million in the capital of the young company in 2021.

  • In September 2022, Pennylane launched its "Pro Account", positioning itself against fintechs such as Qonto, Shine, etc. The solution has already conquered more than 1,000 customers, it allows to:

    • Connect to a single platform to manage both expenses and accounting.

    • Order physical or virtual Mastercard payment cards that are "100% customisable" (budget, periodicity, types of expenses): The startup has partnered with Swan, an ACPR-approved electronic payment institution.

    • Scanning expense receipts directly into Pennylane, the system will automatically create the accounting reconciliation.

  • In October 2022, PayFit and Pennylane joined forces to enable businesses to streamline exchanges with accountants through process automation. The cloud-based payroll and HR management software (SaaS) leverages Pennylane's expertise to increase productivity by automating the posting of payroll entries to accounting entries.