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EVgo and Alexa simplify electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging company EVgo is partnering with Amazon to help electric vehicle drivers find EVgo charging stations and pay for their charge via Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant.


  • The partnership will allow users of Alexa-enabled vehicles or using Alexa car accessories to access data from 150,000 public charging stations via the Plugshare application programming interface (API) starting in 2023.

  • EVgo has more than 850 fast-charging locations in more than 30 states at a number of convenience store chains across the country, including some 7-Eleven, Wawa, Sheetz, Chevron and Pilot shops.

  • EVgo said customers will eventually be able to see real-time charger availability and view session and billing information.

  • The EVgo Inside API will be integrated with the Alexa app and will allow users to access the EVgo PlugShare community, which allows electric vehicle owners to connect, share photos and leave comments.


  • Making the charging and payment process as simple as possible: This integration could make it easier and faster for drivers to find and use chargers in their home area or on the road. Voice-activated charging and payment are the latest elements that EVgo has implemented to make charging as seamless as possible. EVgo has also recently launched Autocharge +, which allows a driver's car to be recognised by the EVgo network and start charging as soon as it is plugged in, rather than having to trigger the transaction on the charger or in a mobile device as usual.

  • Developing a new service offering: Amazon has hinted that this partnership will not be exclusive and that its Alexa voice-controlled technology may well complement the offerings of other mobile payment service providers.


  • The Plugshare API data is proprietary to EVgo. It is largely provided by electric vehicle users, who register when they visit a charger and submit certain information, such as problems with the charger or the state of the location.

  • Alexa and the Amazon app come standard in nearly 200 vehicles today and are used to play music, listen to audiobooks, and perform hands-free tasks such as phone calls, ask for directions, and more with voice commands alone.

  • In Europe, one of the most advanced initiatives in integrated payment is that implemented by the BMW Group. In September, the group presented its Plug&Charge solution, which allows drivers of these vehicles to charge them in the simplest and most convenient way possible. It is the vehicle itself that is recognised by the recharging system, via an electrical exchange with the terminal.