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Co-Branded AmEx/Amazon Cards for Small Businesses

A partnership between Amazon and American Express has been announced to address American SMEs’ needs. The e-merchant bets on their purchasers’ support to boost their core business and include new market opportunities.

Amazon will soon be introducing a cobranded American Express credit card for small businesses, helping these customers streamline purchases for services and products on the e-commerce platform.

This partnership is in line with the current Open Data trend. Customer companies will be provided access to information regarding their purchases and be able to exploit this data via integrating it in third-party software programs, for instance (accounting, business expenses, etc.).

Amazon and American Express expect this partnership to stay in place for several years.

Comments – Supporting sales and diversification

Amazon has been focusing on streamlining purchases for businesses –including small companies– on their platform for many years. This led them to unveil several services, from credit offers (with Amazon Lending) to payment features. This new launch is a means for Amazon to further diversify their activity while still relying on their core business as an e-commerce platform. In the meantime, Amazon Business announced they were being made available in Spain and Italy.

From a strategic point of view, this leading Web player self-reliantly proposes business lending offers to small companies, and relies on partnerships to aim for the payment sector (see their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card). Likewise, their agreement with American Express is a way to enhance their range of offers and more relevantly attend small businesses’ needs.

Another step for valuing data

The cobranded AmEx/Amazon card contributes to opening access to the e-commerce platform’s transactional data. This deal with AmEx will then help Amazon add value to their existing data-powered initiatives. This Web giant has indeed been analysing commercial card data for Visa cardholders since April 2017.