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Car Insurance: AcommeAssure Brings Down Prices for Drivers with a Dashcam


  • The insurance group AcommeAssure.com teams up with dashcam maker Nextbase and Norauto car maintenance centres.
  • Goal: prompt insured parties into installing dashcams in their vehicles in exchange for lower car insurance premiums.
  • Customer process:
    • Customers purchase a Nextbase Series 2 dashcam at one of Norauto's 391 locations in France (from €60 to €180 depending on the model they choose),
    • They subscribe a car insurance contract from AcommeAssure, online or via phone call, and specify the discount code for this service,
    • They send supporting documents to an advisor and proof that they purchased a dashcam,
    • They are granted 15% discount (within €100 limit) on the yearly amount of their car insurance premiums.


  • Lowering the cost of damage claims. Insurance groups believe these in-car cameras could be of help. They would be a means to fight insurance fraud and improve the overall way people drive. Installing these dashcams could lower the number of car accidents by 10 to 15%.
  • Reassuring customers and standing out as a “connected” insurance company. The first arguments they stress are security and peace of mind. For instance, they remind that hit-and-run incidents have increased over the past 12 to 15 years in France. And car drivers may avoid this issue via installing a dashcam.


  • Nextbase also signed a partnership with L’Olivier and Norauto in June2019. Their agreement was similar: 10% discount on insurance premiums. This manufacturer has been gaining ground in Europe where other partnerships have been announced (e.g.: with AXA in the UK and in Ireland).
  • Their success is in line with a take-off on the market for dashcams: 370,000 cameras would be in circulation in Europe (including 35,000 in France). This figure increased 13 times in just 3 years. The global market would be assessed at $5.4 billion, with more than 3 million dashcams in circulation.
  • AcommeAssure, for their part, further focuses on their strategic bet on optimising rates based on insured parties’ equipment or behaviour. In 2017, they launched NOVYS: Pay How You Drive contract for young drivers, rewarding their good driving habits.