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Belfius Insurance Introduces an AI-Focused Start-Up for Assisting Elderly Customers


  • As 2019 ends, the Belgian group Belfius Insurance unveils a start-up called Jane in which they hold a majority stake.
  • Their motto: using AI techs and connected devices to help elderly customers keep living safely in their own home as long as possible.
  • Jane bets on a three-step approach:
    • Analysing customers’ habits,
    • Installing sensors in their home (a central unit, six motion/temperature sensors and three alarm buttons),
    • Configuring customised alerts.
  • Their families can then be informed, via a dedicated mobile app, if Jane’s system spots abnormal activities in the monitored customers’ daily lives.
  • The connected alarm buttons let them warn their family in just one step if need be.

Pricing scale

  • Set of sensors: €319
  • Subscription: €14.95/month
  • Direct link to central alarm unit: €4.95


  • Anticipating elderly customers’ needs. Through Belfius’s financial support and shareholding, Jane bets on preventing potential issues and helping elderly customers enjoy the comfort of their own home. This preventive approach may cut down associated costs if an accident occurs.
  • Boosting their set of offers. Belfius doesn’t directly integrate Jane’s services with their own range of offers but their investment stresses a commitment to including elderly-focused prevention and assistance. They also further insist on a mobile-first digital strategy which has been central to their development over the past years.


  • Insurance companies’ focus on elderly citizens isn’t new and keeps contributing to establishing the Silver Economy. Maif, for instance, recently teamed up with a leading online management platform for assisting elderly customers at home.
  • Belfius highlights heir interest in next-generation technologies, connected objects and robotics tools reminiscent of services from Cutii or Europ Assistance.
  • This move is also consistent with their affinity-based diversification strategy. The Belgian group just started aiming for additional targets, notaries, with a secure platform intended to meet their specific needs.