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ADN’co Payments Insight – December 2018

POS Checkout – Work Underway in the Retail Sector

  • FRANCE  Carrefour tests a fully automated, contactless store. Read more
  • UNITED STATES – Walmart merges online and offline channels, unveils a service for ordering items online from their brick-and-mortar locations. Read more
  • FRANCE – Casino partners with Natixis Payments on launching a mobile wallet. Read more

As Amazon keeps focusing on the US market, French retailers follow in its footsteps as they also implement cashierless stores: Casino has been testing a recognition system for the articles they sell in their “Le 4” point of sale since October 2018, and Carrefour just introduced an Amazon Go-like store.

Other retailers are aiming to win ground back via improving their online customer processes and trying to meet Amazon’s level. Walmart, for instance, merged online and offline processes and managed to rank 3rd on the list of US e-merchants as their online sales significantly increased. Casino, for their part, should soon add a one-click solution, also inspired by Amazon…

Players’ Strategy – Making Room for Challenger Banks in France

  • EUROPE – The German neo-bank N26 claims more than 2 million users in Europe. Read more
  • FRANCE – The French challenger bank Qonto reports €3 billion in transactions processed through their services. Read more

According to a recent study by the ACPR, challenger banks (including e-banking players) would have attracted more than 4.4 million French customers. Step by step, new banking players managed to gain momentum in France. N26, for instance, just claimed 2 million users EU-wide, and 500,000+ in France. Meanwhile, the BtoB landscape has successfully been invested by some start-ups: Qonto reports more than 25,000 client companies in just over a year.

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