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M-wallet: Lemon’s Opened to Third Party Developers

  • Lemon launches Lemonade and opens its Smarter Wallet to developers. The free platform aims at helping merchants integrating payments options more easily, and does not involve any programming skills. Options include improvements in customer relations and targeting and would be made available from the Lemonade Stand through which the user would browse on his own initiative. Once the option added, final-users get notifications every time an exclusive offer is made available.
  • A Lemonade Data Dashboard has been crafted to enable access to anonymous customer data (buying habits and use of promotional offers by country, currency, age, kinds of merchants, purchases, etc.).
  • Meanwhile, Lemon is also presenting advanced features: improved security, card management tools, etc. Finally, it bets on its Lemonade Challenge to promote the platform, offering over 21,000 dollars worth of prizes and highlighting the most innovative submitted add-ons.     
Source: Press release
  • Lemon (available in Android, iOS and Windows Phone) frees itself from both platforms and brands. The start-up lets final-users (roughly two million people to this day) store data they would generally keep in their wallet (IDs, payment and rewards cards, receipts, etc.) and helps merchants propose promotional offers (discounts, cash-back, etc.) based on this data.
  • Businesses have no particular effort to make to feature their offers, and users are free to choose their options themselves. Lemon relies on interoperability to make an impress on the crowded m-wallet market without forgetting Passbook, currently being integrated.
  • Lemon makes profit from its premium Lemon Pro service, for instance: ad-free, with included receipt scanning tools, it is charged 9.99 dollars per months (or 99 dollars annually).