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M-commerce: VeriFone Opens SAIL to Developers

  • VeriFone Systems opens its mobile cash collection solution SAIL to developers, and enables merchants to integrate mobile payments with their existing POS devices.
  • The dedicated SAIL Developer Portal allows programmers to craft new apps to fit existing POS systems based on VeriFone’s infrastructure.
  • Less “plug-and-play” than PayWare Mobile, SAIL is intended for merchants designing their own m-commerce solutions. Integrations of the beta version are already in process: POS Lavu (tablet app developer from New Mexico) for instance is using SAIL’s merchant enrolment and payment APIs with its iPad and cloud-hosted POS offering for restaurants and cafes. 
Source: VeriFone press release
  • Just like the PayPal X platform (2009), SAIL is now flexible enough to raise the attention of developers: it has all the necessary tools and APIs for merchants wishing to broaden their acceptance. Set to challenge Square or Intuit, SAIL stands as a response to their successive launches. The security of Square’s dongles has been especially criticised by VeriFone these days.
  • With this solution, VeriFone also plans to propose an all-encompassing range of offers in other areas than payments (accounting, inventories).