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Multichannel: Marks & Spencer Adopting New Generation Multiservice Screens

  • Marks & Spencer introduces multiservice kiosks to enhance customer interaction.
  • On the occasion of its come back in France, Marks & Spencer turns to in-store multichannel solutions and opts for Wincor Nixdorf’s Polytouch interactive screens for its Champs-Elysées store.
  • The 32 inches-wide multitouch HD touchscreen, with 2D scanner, bank card reader and printer has been customised according to the brand’s indications.
  • These devices enable the users to access products lists and stocks; they have been equipped with a camera to improve customer’s interaction with products display as they make their choices. They are intended to highlight both information and customer advice.
  • They can be used to pay for purchases and benefit to the store’s image (innovation and convenience). They could also help studying customers purchasing behaviours and securing their loyalty.
  • According to Wincor Nixdorf several UK-located pilot stores have also been equipped with these screens. The all-in-one multiservice and multichannel solution fits in the points of sales as interactive access points: this may allow for CRM enhancement. Several retailers have opted for mobile solutions enhanced with follow-up and payment features (PDAs, Smartphones, tablets) to improve their customer process, here, a set device (secured with projected capacitive technology) has been selected.
  • Customers can order goods inside the store using the retailer’s website: this further blurs the frontier between physical and virtual commerce and gives rise to a new user interface likely to enrich customers/merchants relation.