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Zéroclic App for Second-Hand Car Sales and Financing

CGI Finance, subsidiary of Société Générale, presents a technological solution for car dealerships. This service called Zéroclic is described as a convenient digital tool for helping sellers as the number of online channels keeps increasing. It will display customised financing conditions after just one scan.

Zéroclic is a mobile app for car sellers. This service is linked with the dealer’s stock of second-hand cars, making it easier to edit prices based on market specifics and on each car’s characteristics. It allows sellers to display and customise financing offers from their mobile phone.

The associated price tags are assigned QR codes to be scanned by the car dealer. Zéroclic then informs him of current price ranges and of a financing simulation, likely customised in real time depending on the buyer’s required conditions. The seller may then compare several cars and financing options from the app.

Zéroclic lets them validate the financing application from their office. The above mentioned information is automatically sent to both car dealers and distribution networks. This tool makes it easier for them to share information and helps improve sellers’ customer assistance processes.

Comments – A tool for challenging e-commerce competition

A recent study by Infopro Digital for Samsung shows that French consumers still favour brick-and-mortar points of sale. Out of 5,000 surveyed customers, 50% said they initiated the purchasing process online, and 79% closed their transaction in-store. In the car industry, a study by GfK and Facebook research centre showed that 97% of the consumers started the search process online, seeking advice from their relatives on social media. Yet, visiting a car dealership remains necessary for most of these customers. Even so, car manufacturers’ campaigns on Amazon, and the emergence of several e-selling platforms contributed to increasing online transactions for car sales. This is particularly relevant for second-hand sales, and dedicated full-digital platforms have even emerged: Reezocar, Yakarouler, Youpicar, etc.

CGI Finance chooses to assist car sellers to alleviate competitive pressure: Zéroclic has then been crafted to optimise sellers’ actions. CGI intends to rely on both a digital solutions and human assistance in line with their cross-channel approach and to propose a connected user experience.