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  • Innovation
  • India

YES BANK Rolls Out a Marketplace


  • The Indian institution YES BANK introduces a Marketplace called YES SCALE Marketplace, hosting innovative developed with start-ups using their own APIs.
  • YES SCALE Marketplace is described as a one-stop counter for access to multiple financial services and other solutions.
  • Targets: YES SCALE Marketplace is meant for corporate customers (especially SMEs).
  • Covered services and sectors:
    • Supply chain and logistics
    • Lifesciences and Healthtech
    • AgriTech
    • EdTech
    • Clean energy


  • Optimising co-creation efforts. YES BANK aims at rolling out new services with help from partner start-ups. They are also in charge of selling their offers through a marketplace. These FinTechs may rely on a sandbox to test these products with their customers.
  • They also proactively made room for innovative offers by FinTechs to expand their own set of offers and act as an intermediary between start-ups and their customers. This strategy mostly relies on providing their APIs, using a sandbox they made available to developers in March 2019.
  • Spreading innovation. YES BANK’s customer companies may, through this platform, tests and subscribe to services from these start-ups.


  • Marketplaces have been gaining ground in financial and insurance sectors. Some players even successfully built their model on open services as highlighted by Yolt and Raisin, for instance.
  • Some banks pioneered through opening their APIs and testing more or less open marketplaces, e.g.: BBVA and DBS Bank.
  • In Europe, this trend has been boosted by the implementation of the Second Payment Services Directive. This is also stressed by Tinkoff, for example, with their multi-service Super App beyond financial services.