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The Chèques-Vacances give in to the fashion for split payments

The French National Chèques-Vacances Agency (ANCV) has teamed up with French FinTech and fragmented payment solutions specialist Pledg. The result is an innovative payment solution that combines ANCV Connect holiday vouchers with Buy Now Pay Later payment facilities. A small revolution for the sector.


  • Pledg now allows Connect ANCV holiday vouchers users to pay for their tourist services in several instalments.

  • How can this be done? Thanks to the introduction of new payment facilities that can be combined with Chèques-vacances Connect the dedicated mobile application of dematerialized holiday vouchers.

  • Customer journey:

    • Once on the merchant site, the end customer will select payment in several instalments (by clicking on the ANCV-split payment combo button),

    • they will choose to pay part of their order with their Connect ANCV holiday vouchers,

    • the other part will be paid in several instalments, in the form of monthly instalments deducted from the customer's bank card details in the following months.

  • In concrete terms, therefore, Chèques-Vacances beneficiaries will now be able to pay for the same purchase using two methods of payment: their Chèques-Vacances Connect ANCV on the one hand, and the Buy Now Pay Later payment facilities on the other.

  • On the merchant side, no change, the full amount of the basket is paid at the time of the order.


  • Adapting to the needs of the market: Pledg presents its partnership with ANCV as one of the building blocks of its tailor-made offer, dedicated to the mobility and travel industry. Other services include a solution allowing travellers to defer payment of their tourist reservation up to three days before departure and the Capture On Debit solution allowing end customers to pay for a holiday in several instalments by ensuring their reservation from the first instalment.

  • New opportunities: The Chèque-Vacances, a payment voucher designed to pay for services related to holidays and leisure, benefits 4.5 million employees, public servants, self-employed workers and company directors, i.e. 11 million people including their family members.

  • Boosting tourist activities: Pledg emphasises that the use of its solutions enables merchants to see their turnover increase by 10%. ANCV capitalizes on a network of 130,000 professionals in the tourism and leisure sector throughout France, who will now be able to benefit from Pledg's complementary solution.


  • The joint offer of Pledg and ANCV represents a technological innovation as well as an interesting source of flexibility for the users.

  • This initiative also underlines the profound transformation that is currently taking place in the service voucher sector. In addition to holiday vouchers, restaurant vouchers have been the focus of innovative initiatives and competition since their card format was introduced a few years ago.