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Starling Bank’s Marketplace: Consolidation Well Underway

In September 2017, the promising neo-bank Starling Bank unveiled their marketplace and announced an initial partnership, with Flux. The time has now come for them to consolidate their ambitions as they officially opened their marketplace to new players.

Starling Bank’s marketplace can now count on four more partners by way of expanding their range of services. To this respect, the investment and pension-plan management specialist PensionBee made a formal announcement on its website.

Other included services are WealthSimple (which focuses on providing access to investment services to the general public, especially younger customers), Kasko (travel insurance services) and Habito (mortgages).

Starling Bank now sets their sights high, and aims to sign 25 partnerships by the end of 2018.

Comments – A long-distance race for Starling Bank with achievements reached soon

In April 2017, Starling Bank made their platform available to developers and praised their commitment to getting involved in Open Innovation. In May 2017, they started focusing on Instant Payments, which again stressed their avant-garde approach. Eventually, in September last year their marketplace was opened and, one month later, they started addressing businesses’ needs.

Upon creating their marketplace, Starling Bank had one partner already: Flux (paperless receipts). In November 2017, loyalty offers were added via a second partnership, with YoYo Wallet.

As 2018 begins, this FinTech keeps consolidating their marketplace, and aims at designing an all-inclusive, multi-service portal. Starling’s work has been fruitful so far, and further additions can now be expected.