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Sofinco makes a further commitment to green mobility

A subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Sofinco is a leader in consumer credit. But its role as a financial organisation has now been extended with the launch of the You R Mobile platform. The latter aims to support the French in their transition to greener mobility, thereby reinforcing the group's eco-responsible commitments.



  • Sofinco has launched the You R Mobile platform dedicated entirely to promoting green mobility. Accessible online to all Internet users, the site offers a simulator that allows users to measure the impact of the ZFE (low emission zone) regulations on their daily lives.

  • As a reminder, the LEZ regulations impose Crit'air stickers limiting the free movement of the most polluting vehicles.

  • You R Mobile also allows French people to discover credit offers to finance their transition to a more environmentally responsible mode of mobility (for the purchase of an electric vehicle for example).

  • Finally, the site offers educational content with quizzes aimed at better understanding the EPZ regulations and testing knowledge on the subject.


  • Helping the French to cope with the new government requirements: The new mobility regulations will progressively prevent owners of Crit'Air 2 (Greater Paris and Lyon), 3, 4 and 5 vehicles from entering 43 conurbations in France. This decision concerns both private individuals and professionals, with the full deployment of the Low Emission Zones (ZFE) scheduled for the end of 2024. With You R Mobile, Sofinco is trying to establish itself as a reference partner in the energy transition, capable of accompanying the French towards their new obligations.

  • Promoting its offers: As the leading consumer credit provider, Sofinco is counting on its new website to promote its financing offers with links leading directly to its offers.

  • Defending the group's global policy: The You R Mobile platform is part of the Crédit Agricole group's collective mobilisation for its Social Project. In particular, it aims to defend its commitment to supporting the Group's customers in their energy transition.


  • Sofinco is signing a new initiative to support the transition to greener and cleaner mobility for the French. Its brand has long been associated with Mobilize Financial Services (a Renault subsidiary) and DIAC. Last June, their renewed partnership even enabled them to launch a new Mobilize Visa Card. Aimed at drivers of electric vehicles, this card was intended to simplify their mobility in the context of the democratisation of electric vehicles.

  • For the Crédit Agricole Group, this initiative was presented as a new tool for its commitment to the energy transition. It is now renewing this promise with the launch of the You R Mobile platform.