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Security: New Tech Hub by N26


  • The neo-banking player N26 just presented a Tech Hub, scheduled to open this fall in Vienna (Austria).
  • This Hub would be meant to focus on improving transactions’ security, and boost N26’s HR strategy.
  • This technological unit will hire teams in charge of:
    • Designing security features for banking transaction based on data analytics: systems for locating card transaction for instance. Relying on AI technologies to score transactions in real time.
    • Launching new P2P payment options (for instance sharing sub-accounts with other users).
    • automated statistics services to improve customers’ access to spending overviews.
  • These teams will consist of software engineers, product managers & IT specialists.


  • Reassure investors and customers as to their ability to secure transactions. Security has grown to be a major concern for FinTech and challenger banks, after a certain number of investigations were conducted. N26, for instance was audited on several occasions by BaFin, which pointed to different deficiencies:
    • Insufficient security levels (KYC compliance) applied to account opening processes: increased risk of money laundering activities.
    • Late response in solving fraud cases, shortcomings in reporting fraud cases and shortages of staff.
  • This Hub is a direct response to these investigations. It is meant to provide this challenger bank with the resources it needs as they experienced a particularly fast growth.
  • Strengthen their international position. In addition to their headquarters in Berlin and a technological unit in Barcelona, Vienna stands out as a new European business facility for N26. On the global scale, N26 can also rely on their offices in New York, as well as on a workspace in Sao Paolo (Brazil).


  • Current workforce: 1,000 staff members
  • 500 employees to be hired by end-2019, incl. 300 for this new Hub
  • 2.5 million customers


  • Other neo-banks went through similar processes when it comes to dealing with security issues: a recurring concern for these companies operating on a highly regulated industry and whose exponential growth exposes them to higher risk levels.
  • According to the FCA, Revolut, for instance, could have had to deal with money laundering cases. They have a partnership in place with ClauseMatch to ensure compliance in their new settlements.
  • Earlier this year, the European unicorn N26 announced one more funding round to boost their business, aim for global reach, and build this Tech Hub in Vienna, too.