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REX: Promising Results for DIAC’s Mobile Apps


  • DIAC, subsidiary of RCI Bank & Services, reports promising results for their DIACBOX app.
  • DIACBOX was launched in June 2019, as part of their overall plan to digitise their points of sale.
  • Targets: Sellers from Renault networks.
  • Goal: rely on connectivity to help sellers through providing them with convenient, user-friendly features:
    • Tools for tracking client portfolios in real time,
    • Financing simulation,
    • Commercial information,
    • Training tutorials.
  • The mobile app is available in Android and iOS.
  • 2,300 sellers are already equipped, or 54% of Renault/ Nissan sales forces at car dealerships. 2,000 sellers use it quite often. So far they received encouraging feedback.


  • Advanced training tools. DIAC highlights their interest in connected devices for improving sales forces' access to information, and ensuring that they can enjoy advanced training.
  • Enhanced customer experience. Better informed sellers may be able to provide customers with more relevant advice.


  • This rollout pertains to the group’s overall digital transformation. It is also described as a means to trigger a virtuous circle. Other digital services from this group include:
    • IRIS, online customer portal for DIAC Location and Overlease, addressing corporate customers.
    • IRIS Live, platform for exploiting fleets’ telematics and geolocation data.
    • Lizy, chatbot for fleet drivers from the group’s clients.
  • Their focus on digitising their services, seems to be bearing fruits: in Renault, Nissan and Dacia car dealers, 87% of the buyers subscribe a financing contract involving a digital signing process.