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REX: N26 Still Successful


  • At Disrupt Berlin, the German neo-bank N26 announced significant progress.
  • The FinTech reports 2 million users in Europe compared to 1.5 million in October and 1 million in June.
  • This mobile bank also reports more than €1.5 billion in transactions each month, and more than €1 billion in deposits.
  • Goals: The Berlin-based start-up expects to attract 5 million users in Europe by the end of 2020, and build a community of 50 to 100 million users worldwide in the next couple of years.

N26 in France:

  • France is their second-largest market (after Germany)
  • 000+ users
  • % of customers ages 18 to 35
  • A paid premium offer accounting for 25% of all subscriptions
  • A Paris-based office in development


  • After they raised $160 million, N26 entered the UK where they currently have roughly 10,000 customers. On this market, they have to face competition from local players, such as Tandem which counts nearly half a million customers and Revolut, which aims to attract 100 million users within the next 5 years.
  • N26 also have to overcome compliance issues as the German banking regulator deems that their identification procedure does not comply with AML laws.


  • After entering the UK, the German neo-bank intends to aims for the US: a huge market with a population of over 300 million people. As they aim for this market, N26 bets on a new banking partner as was the case in Europe before they were granted their licence.
  • The amount they raised will also be used to design new AI-based offers and features.