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Pennylane moves from accounting to professional accounts

FinTech specialising in accounting and financial management for businesses, Pennylane has just announced the effective launch of its new alternative to the traditional bank account. Its Pro Account is still aimed at businesses but integrates a payment service directly into its basic accounting offer. This is a way to get a little closer to the banking market.


  • Pennylane has historically offered a SAAS solution for French VSEs and SMEs, linking them with their accounting firms. In addition, it will now also offer them a new service called Compte Pro.

  • The Compte Pro service is presented as an alternative to professional bank accounts. It is intended to give business owners access to a means of payment and a new platform of services to help them manage both their accounts and their expenses.

  • The payment method offered by Pennylane is a 100% configurable Mastercard (amount spent, period of use, types of expenditure), issued by its partner Swan.

  • The Pennylane Pro Account also offers :

    • a French IBAN,

    • various payment methods (transfers, one-click payment, m-payment such as Google Pay, Apple Pay),

    • a payment and scheduling solution for up to 400 invoices,

    • the issuance of as many physical or virtual payment cards that can be configured as necessary to equip employees (5 euros per additional card),

    • a notification system to encourage card users to add a photo of their invoice after each expenditure, via a mobile application, allowing automatic accounting reconciliation.

  • The Pennylane Pro Account is included in all paid subscriptions and is directly accessible to all new subscribers.


  • An all-in-one tool: Pennylane Pro Account covers customer and supplier invoicing, cash flow monitoring, accounting, all financial flows and payments. It therefore connects expenses and accounting to facilitate the financial life of company managers.

  • Admit your ambitions: Pennylane is taking advantage of the announcement of the launch of its Pro Account to assume that the FinTech plans, in the long term, to offer a complete financial operations management system for businesses. In any case, it is positioning itself on a new competitive field today, facing Qonto for example.

  • Facilitating the daily life of companies: Pennylane also emphasises its intrinsic ambition, its raison d'être, to help companies in the daily management of their business and to lighten their financial and administrative burden.


  • The evolution of Pennylane's service offerings did not leave much doubt as to its medium-term strategic objectives. Presented from the outset as a FinTech dedicated to corporate accounting management, Pennylane was above all seeking to establish itself, through partnerships and associations, as a marketplace for financial services in the broadest sense for its target.

  • It is now officially moving from being an aggregator to being a banking alternative dedicated to professionals.

  • Its partnership-oriented strategy is not over yet. Recently, Pennylane also announced a partnership with Implid, a player in the field of law and business advice.