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Meyon democratises asset management

A new robo-advisor has just appeared on the French market. Named Meyon, it is based on a mobile application but above all on a cross-channel positioning to meet the expectations of its affinity target: the most affluent. This is a way to enter the increasingly competitive alternative investment market.


  • Meyon takes the form of a new mobile application launched on 22 September. It is powered by the eponymous FinTech that promises to provide access to the best financial advice and services for wealthy individuals, without identifying itself as a private bank.

  • Its application has several functionalities that make it possible to save, invest and manage assets in an ultra-simplified way. Wealth management advisors are also available to provide relevant and personalised information to users of the service.

  • Customer journey:

    • Users are first invited to create an account and download the application,

    • They then simulate their investment project in a few seconds,

    • Meyon's AI, combined with human advisors, then present the most relevant investment solutions for each profile,

    • The user of the service can then monitor his assets and optimise his investments according to the advice received.

  • In particular, Meyon offers a savings account to invest without risk and with no limit. But the service also allows you to manage your real estate investments, life insurance or market investments.

  • The service is offered in several packages, the first of which is free. The Meyon + offer is open for investments of at least 50,000 euros and the Meyon Ultim offer for investments of more than 500,000 euros. The latter offers are not free of charge and give access to an agency located in Paris and to even more personalised support.

  • In the medium term, Meyon also plans to launch a Visa payment card to enable its clients to pay for their expenses.


  • An affinity positioning to differentiate itself: The card played by Meyon to launch itself on the increasingly competitive investment market is the affinity positioning. Meyon has opted for a model geared towards high-end, wealthy clients to justify the existence of its service.

  • The cross-channel effort: Meyon also stands out from the wave of robo-advisors and the trend towards all-digital services, precisely to meet the expectations of its target group in terms of human advice with added value. FinTech therefore offers an alternative and cross-channel model that is necessarily more complete and qualitative.


  • The proliferation of investment services continues, in France as in the rest of the world. Lately, several initiatives have nevertheless made the news in France, such as Blast.com, its very recent alter ego Roundtable, the more responsible BIM, the new service dedicated to real estate investment Bricks.co and the Meyon initiative, which is supposed to democratise asset management via a mobile application.

  • The fact remains that in the field of innovation, and in particular with regard to financial issues, initiatives presented as revolutionary also sometimes disrupt regulations. For example, after generating a wave of investment, Bricks had to revise its ambitions following restrictions imposed by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) on the participatory nature of the investments received by the FinTech.

  • As for Blast, despite its ambitions, the FinTech ultimately chose not to adopt the status of investment advisor in order to avoid conflict with regulations.