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Natixis Payments acquires the start-up Jackpot


  • Natixis Payments has just announced that after years of collaboration, the group has finally decided to buy the start-up Jackpot, which processes a digital voucher solution.
  • Jackpot is a start-up created in 2017. For many years, it has been in charge of creating digital vouchers for Natixis Payments entities: Titres Cado, Le Pot Commun, Comitéo.
  • Thanks to its service, end customers of the Titres Cado, Le Pot Commun, Comitéo platforms can quickly and simply transform an amount held on these platforms into an e-gift card to be redeemed among many partner stores in France.
  • By acquiring Jackpot, Natixis Payments also plans to integrate this offer into its Benefits and Services activity dedicated to its employees, in order to further enrich its social offer.
  • In addition to Natixis Payment employees, Jackpot's service is aimed at all Internet users who earn extra income online through various services such as kitty-pooling, carpooling, sales of second-hand products and other sponsorships.



  • Leveraging a bold innovation strategy: The combination of Natixis and fintech Jackpot follows a long-standing partnership and is the zenith of a successful collaboration and innovation strategy.
  • Expanding its service offering: Jackpot's offering enables Natixis Payment's Benefits and Services business to complete its service offering. The Jackpot offer provides an enhanced customer experience as it allows the customer to spend the entire amount of their jackpot at the merchant of their choice.
  • Becoming a European reference in gift cards: Jackpot can now create e-cards for more than 100 brands in France. Its acquisition by Natixis Payments allows it to aim for new goals:
    • triple this number in 18 months
    • expand its network to the European market


  • This initiative is all the more interesting for Natixis Payments as the market for revenues generated online by Internet users represents an Eldorado for all financial services players. More and more Internet users are generating revenue online today.
  • Jackpot's figures are self-supporting:
    • more than 45 billion euros in online revenues by 2020 in France
    • more than 550 specialized web and mobile platforms in France in 2020
    • 28 million consumers earn more than 800 euros online per year
    • 20% annual growth in Europe and 25% in France
  • Last April, Natixis Payment already presented an innovative service in the field of employee benefits, a digitalized meal ticket offer called Apetiz.