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Lovys enters a new BtoB partnership with Pumpkin


  • While the French AssurTech market is currently performing well, Lovys is acting as a growth driver after its recent €17 million fund raising.
  • This success in no way limits its dynamism since AssurTech has just signed a partnership with another player in the French FinTech industry, Pumpkin.
  • As a result, Pumpkin and Lovys have entered into a commercial agreement, allowing customers to benefit from advantages at each other's facilities. For example, Pumpkin allows users of its mobile application to earn cash-back on the payment of their Lovys insurance premium, if it is made via a Pumpkin card.
  • Insurances concerned: home, car, smartphone, pets.
  • The amount of cash-back will be 10%, allowing Lovys customers to benefit from a significant reduction on their membership fees thanks to this partnership.
  • Pumpkin thus completes its list of partners on its cash-back program, which already included around 30 national players (Booking.com, Franprix, FreeNow, Blissim and Faguo) and 150 local retailers.


  • Valuing digital positioning and proximity in terms of customers: Today, both players are seeking to value and reward the commitment of their young customers, familiar with 100% digital uses. In this context, cash-back is a highly sought-after element for this type of user. It is also consistent with the positioning of Lovys, with on-demand insurance, paid monthly and above all without commitment. This logic also continues in the proximity existing between Lovys and Pumpkin customers.
  • For Pumpkin, it's a way to expand its services beyond payments, a step already taken when FinTech began offering banking services last September. By joining the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group in 2017, it has indeed evolved its strategy to move towards a neo-banking profile.


  • A few months ago, Lovys had already announced its intention to favour a distribution model based on partnerships. This resulted in a partnership with a software publisher allowing it to distribute its insurances through real estate professionals.
  • Lovys' quantified objective with this promotional offer is to attract between 2,000 and 3,000 new policyholders in 2021. A relatively modest figure, but one that will come on top of the multiplication of BtoBtoC distribution channels envisaged by AssurTech.



  • 20,000 policyholders


  • 1.3 million users
  • €250 million exchanged via his wallet